Is “one minute to everywhere you want to be” is expectation of CEOs, successful business men and leaders? They have crucial influence on national economic flow, have money but always lack of time. Thus business men’ demand for living space and working location close together is being paid attention to. “Golden land site” at the city center was invested to build to a residential area for famous business men.

If New York financiers are proud of Manhattan, London has Canary Wharf, Hongkong has Two IFC, Saigon business men have their own “head quarter”. It takes “a minute” to reach every center and specific places of Saigon. A living space is not purely a place to reside but to define power. Saigon Luxury Apartment is perfectly designed and built to detail, has luxury and unique style with 5-star standard. Saigon Luxury Apartment has scarce and favorable position which is hard to reproduce. There is no other place of leading position.


Technical design :
Saigon Luxury Apartment was designed by SWA (USA) at superior officetel standard, made by advanced materials with desire to offer clients new experience of comfort life style and luxury. The work reached standard of modern architecture: harmonious, airy space is finely combined with detailed care holding life philosophy of apartment owner.
With modern, solid structure by applying leading construction techniques, Saigon Luxury Apartment is a work of modern, uniqueness keeping pace with luxury at Saigon center.

Interior design :
88 apartments of Saigon Luxury Apartment are perfect “concert” of current architecture. Reasonable and synchronous arrangement of interior made an opulent, modern, fine living space to express owner’s level.

Living space :

Living room is the house’s heart, where family members gather. It shows aesthetic view, style and rank of the house owner. Living rooms at Saigon Luxury Apartment are designed at fine European style, take advantage of view to outside scene, and are full of natural light.
Light system of the living room is arranged with down lights, hang lights put at special system to create stunning view of light and match with overall space of the apartment. Carpet and ceiling are selected and designed at the highest standard; make the house noble and deluxe.

Bed room is the most used, tranquil area for home members after a tiring day at work. In order to make an identical style for rooms, bed room is designed at European style with the finest accessories. Big size, wood floor with natural oak tree color make the atmosphere warm, sweet, modern and opulent.


“Spa at home!” : Very few people find sufficient time to relax and this brings to health weakness, for both mind and body. Bath room is among very few places where we could apart from surroundings and be alone. Bath rooms at Saigon Luxury Apartment are equipped with superior facilities. This is where we relax, take stress and pressure off after a busy day. Soak yourself in herbal scented water … you will expect the room most after arriving at your beloved home.

Kitchen : At new high strata life style, eating and drinking are considered “soul” of life. Kitchen and eating room is a complex designed and comes high on the list of priorities. Therefore, the kitchen is cared with the most modern comforts. The family’s meals will be more delicious and warmer than ever.


Lobby : With Condotel trend, all lobbies in Saigon Luxury Apartment have 5-star hotel standard. Superior lighting system is arranged along lobbies, granite floor with carpet …. All aim to a luxurious, perfect space that is beyond expectation.


Surroundings :

You are at Saigon Luxury Apartment and gorgeous views from various directions seem to gather in front of your eyes:
From North West direction, 23 September Park is in front of Saigon Luxury Apartment. Just walk out of door, green lung of the city center seems to lie in your home area. It allows you enjoy pure air of the biggest park at the heart of Saigon.
From South West direction, Saigon Luxury Apartment borders on Ky Con, Le Thi Hong Gam with view to West East Boulevard – a significant traffic line as an arrow from South West gate to District 1 of Ho Chi Minh City.
From East direction, Saigon Luxury Apartment adjoins current residential area, with views to Ben Thanh market. The market is the most specific symbol of Saigon, has mind and historic value, and is visited by 70% of tourists coming to the city.
From South East direction, Saigon Luxury Apartment abuts on Le Thi Hong Gam, directs your view to historic Dragon Port where Uncle Ho started his journey to save the country

Perpetual ownership:

The term “Ownership” is not strange to Saigon Luxury Apartment owners since Ben Thanh Times Square is one of two buildings at city center granted perpetual ownership.
As Planning Policy of the city, there is no apartment at the District 1 issued perpetual ownership except the two buildings. Therefore, with a precious “access paper” in hand, future owners of Ben Thanh Times Square set minds at rest to own “their precious thing”.



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Surface & Area:

Ground level :

Terrace Plan :

Apartments from 5th floor to 11th floor :
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Apartments from 12th floor to 18th floor :
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4.390 – 6.500 USD per m sq

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Crystal Blue swimming pool :

Crystal Blue is on top floor of Ben Thanh Times Square, indispensable part of Ben Thanh Times Square, gives us feeling of cool pure water and sparkles like crystal.
Crystal Blue was smartly designed so that sun shines are blocked from a distance, helps you to enjoy the cool water surrounded by pure air and does not harm to your skin. Optimal water treatment technique makes swimmers feel secure to relax on the sparkling water, drop working pressure off to mix with nature at the city center.
At night, Crystal Blue is more radiant under light system designed scientifically and aesthetically. Swimmers will indulge in pleasure and enjoy beauty of star sky.
Together with plush surroundings, Crystal Blue is one of perfect facilities for Luxury CEO Zone owners.

Energy Revival Gym :

Gym is not a strange term since it is not only a place to exercise after tiring hours at work but strengthens health and regenerates life energy.
In order to make relax in the true sense of the word and arouse long term interest of members, Energy Revival Gym is equipped with superior and advanced machines placed in an airy and luxurious space. Accompanied services such as sauna, heat cold bathing are attractive options to care your body after work out.

Lavena Spa :

In Latin, Lavena means “purity”. Integrated within Luxury CEO Zone, Lavena Spa offers clients with natural body and beauty care therapy.
Being in a luxurious complex, Lavena Spa combines and diversifies its services at the highest standard: design, space, scent, music…. Not only being a luxury, modern spa, Lavena Spa suggests of a pure relaxing area with professional staff and efficient body care products.
Luxury CEO Zone owners don’t have to seek far for such a great relax place. This will be a familiar address for stylish clients.

Sky Bar restaurant :

When life is more comfortable, “feed and clothe” concept gradually changes to “feed and clothe properly”. Drinking and eating are more appreciated and lifted to “drinking and eating pleasure” matching with the word “enjoy”.
In addition to bringing clients delicious food made by famous chief cooks, Starview food area is a small paradise with stunning view on top floor of Ben Thanh Times Square.
From the splendid setting of Starview food area, clients could extend eyesight to contemplate sparkling beauty of Saigon at night. Starview is proud to offer the finest of drinking and eating, which are the most important pleasures of life.


Café Terrace :

One of the most specific features of Saigon is coffee shop. Residents at Saigon Luxury Apartment don’t have to go far since a cool, quiet coffee area of famous brand Terrace is under their homes.
There is nothing more interesting than enjoy delicious drinks, read a newspaper, watch cars and pedestrians, share relax moments with family and friends in a serene Sunday morning.


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